Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania

I am truly sorry I could not have photographed this magnificent work of art before it was raped. Growing up near the base of the hill this realm was created on, I spent many days at age 10, 11, and 12  'sneaking' onto it's forbidden summit and exploring the numerous rooms of this abandoned kingdom. Even as a young teenager I was intrigued by its size, beauty, power, and seemingly remoteness. It had provided a distant high place which to retreat above our little town below. This place seemed to me it was created by the hands of God. We were always alone at the top. It's presence in my neighborhood had a profound effect on me, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. By the time I was in my late teens I became obsessed with this place, as neglected and dilapidated as it was. I was in heaven while on the grounds or inside the incredible palace. I was caught in the grasp of it's power and beauty and was in endless awe exploring every room and revisiting them frequently. Even after it was raped, it's beauty and glory still shone through.

Despite the overgrown weeds and vandalized hallways and rooms, the decapitated statues, it's glory and character remained. This wondrous place has provided me with memories of summers past that I will never forget. Climbing atop the hill, a western view, watching the fiery ball of the sun sink into a perfect summer sky, I was, for the first time, in love with this place, a young woman, and life.

June 1979




June 1979




June 1979




The Formal Gardens
June 1979




The Grand Ballroom

June 1979



The Upper Fountain
June 1979


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