Stotesbury Today
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania

The Fountain on Widener Road - February 1990




Close up of the Fountain on Widener Road - February 1990




Limestone Art on Widener Road - November 1990








Tempus edux rerum Sic transit gloria mundi
Time devours all things, so passes the glory of the world
~ Entry to Guest Book - February 3, 2000 ~






And while walking around the grounds you can almost hear the faint whisper of violins, 
fountains, and party laughter from ages past.
~ Entry to Guest Book - July 4, 1998 ~



How frail man and what he leaves behind
~ Entry to Guest Book - October 21, 1998 ~



We will be judged not by the monuments we have built, but those that we have destroyed
~ Entry to Guest Book - August 15, 2003 ~


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