Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania

Main Entrance Gate & Guard House
Willow Grove Avenue & Douglas Road, Wyndmoor
October 1997



An aerial photo of the mansion and a large section of Wyndmoor

Photo taken around 1939

A similar photo taken 53 years later in 1992




Photo's re-touched & re-produced by William Kelly O'Neill using Adobe PhotoShop







~ Suggested Reading ~

American Splendor
American Splendor, The Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer
by Michael C. Kathrens

Whitemarsh Hall: The Estate of Edward T. Stotesbury
Charles G. Zwicker & Edward C. Zwicker

The Twilight of Splendor

The Twilight of Splendor
by James T. Maher

(No longer in print.


~ Local History ~


Chestnut Hill, by Thomas H. Keels & Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis
Chestnut Hill Revisited, by Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis


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~ Additional Information ~

Springfield Township Public Library, Montgomery County, PA



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Mark Bratzler
Gail Cathey
Barbara Ann Stotesbury Dabroski
Donna Dvorak (
Brad Emerson
Bob Hibbert
Judge Householder, Springfield Township, Montgomery County, Pa
Thomas H. Keels, Chestnut Hill Historical Society
Glenn D. Koch
Robert Linton
James T. Maher
Richard C. Marchand
William Kelly O'Neill
Springfield Township Public Library, Wyndmoor, Pa
William Arthur Stokesbury, IV
Gilbert M. Thompson
Eileen F. Tonkinson
Wayne C. Willcox
William B. Young, 3rd

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