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My Maternal Family Genealogy


Avezzano, Abruzzo




Chestnut Hill,


Avezzano, Abruzzo, Italy

Photo by Marco J. Spallone


Germantown Ave

Ardleigh Street

Chestnut Hill

Mermaid Lane

Hartwell Ave



Lino Spallone

Fallen victim to the dreadful Earthquake that hit on the morning of January 13, 1915 
the loving Avezzano - Lino Spallone, 68 years old from Popoli


Lucia (Figoriello) Ciacia

Lucia Ciacia

Lucia  was born in the Abruzzi Region of Italy

(my great grandmother)

Photo Taken: 1939

 132 East Hartwell Avenue, Chestnut Hill, PA

Biagio & Lucia (Figoriello) Ciacia were married in the Abruzzo region of Italy and came to America with one son. The son, whose name is unknown at this time, did not like his surname Ciacia. After arriving in America he changed his name to Chesco. Later, when Biagio & Lucia's other children where born, Anna, Rosalie, Anthony, and Salvatore they took the name Chesco. Their older son moved to California and it is believed that he died there in a horse-back riding accident.

Joseph Spallone left his town Avezzano, Abruzzi, Italy in 1910. Mario came later in 1915 or 1916 after the tragic  earthquake that struck Avezzano on January 13, 1915. Joseph and Mario lost their father, Lino, and brother, Angelo, in the earthquake. They left behind three brothers, Dominico, Matteo, and Clelio and four sisters Bice, Maria, Nina, and Ida.

Bice and Maria Spallone were teachers at an elementary school in Avezzano and played an important role there in education. In fact, the school is now called the "Bice and Maria Spallone School" with a plaque on the front of the school commemorating their years as teachers there. Joseph and Mario arrived in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, where Joseph married Anna Chesco and Mario married Rosalie Chesco. Mario and Rosalie never had children.

The Children of Joseph & Anna Spallone
Marion E. Spallone
Ada R. Spallone
Lucy Rose Spallone
Leonard J. Spallone
Beatrice Spallone
Joe Spallone

Joseph & Anna Spallone

Our Mother of Consolation Church

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Photo Taken: June 19, 1943



7634 Ardleigh Street, Chestnut Hill, PA

An early home of Joseph Spallone and Family

His children, Ada, Marion, Lucy, & Leonard were born in this house.

7634 Ardleigh Street, Chestnut Hill

Photo Taken: August 1990



The home of Joseph Spallone and Family

55 E. Mermaid Lane, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Photo Taken: December 29, 1999



Joseph Spallone working in Farnsworth's Lab

was the only carpenter I ever knew who went to work wearing a gold pocket watch and a tie!

Pem Farnsworth describes Spallone in her book Distant Vision ... "an old world Italian, Joe could fashion almost anything from anything. His carpentry was flawless, and his molds and metal castings were a delight to Phil."



Mario & Rosalie Spallone

In Avezzano, Italy

Mario's Cruise to Avezzano


marion_m.jpg (14811 bytes)

Marion (Spallone) & Her Husband Michael DeNardo

Marion & Mike married in 1938 and lived in the Mt. Airy Section of Philadelphia



  Germantown High   ~   Class of '40

4J= Jitterbug    4L= Lively    6F= Friendly    4N = Natural

~ June 1940 ~






Lucy (Spallone) & Her Husband Michael F. Serianni

The two wed on June 19, 1943 at Our Mother of Consolation Church in Chestnut Hill

Photo Taken: June 19, 1943




Lieutenant Leonard Spallone & His Wife Peg Fechner

Leonard & Peg married in 1943 - they live & raised a family in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photos Taken:  1944



Beatrice (Bebe) Spallone

at Rose Hill School, Chester Heights, PA

Photo Taken: 1940




My parents, as I will always remember them.

At a wedding reception

Photo Taken: 1974



Chestnut Hill Historical Society


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