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My Paternal Family Genealogy


Soveria Mannelli, Calabria

Soveria Mannelli,



Chestnut Hill,



Soveria Mannelli, Catanzaro, Italy

Photo by Donna Marie Serianni

 Photo Taken: August 1997


Shawnee Street

Chestnut Hill

Luigi Serianni
Photo Taken: About 1918

My great-grandfather, Luigi Serianni, was born in Soveria Mannelli in the region of Calabria. Luigi married Rosa Marasco and came to the United States in 1886 with their two children, Michael and Mary. Luigi decided to live in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.  He was employed at the Chestnut Hill Quarry as a stone-cutter and cut Chestnut Hill greystone for many buildings throughout Chestnut Hill and Wyndmoor. Much of the stonework in Our Mother of Consolation Church were cut by Luigi and his fellow workers.

The family lived at 124 W. Hartwell Avenue where Achille and William were born. That section of Hartwell Avenue was purchased back by the city in 1915 and made into Pastorius Park. The family relocated a block away on Shawnee Street. Michael became ill and had to return to Italy where he passed away in 1911.

The Children of Luigi Serianni & Rosa Marasco

Michael was the oldest son; he married Annunziata Bonacci and had 5 children. 
Mary married Vincenzo (James) Morasco and had 10 children. 
Achille (Archie) married Michelina Sirianni and had 6 children. 
William Serianni, my grandfather, married Angelina Sirianni and had 8 children.

Michael Serianni

Mary (Serianni) Morasco
Monsignor Paul Marasco
and Theresa
Photo Taken: September 1941
Achille (Archie) & Michelina
on their wedding day
Photo Taken: February  20, 1908


The Children of 
Michael & Annunizata
The Children of
Mary & James
The Children of 
Achille & Michelina
Louis W. Sirianni Mary Antonia Morasco Louis Sirianni
Rose R. Serianni Edward Morasco Rose Sirianni
Josephine I. Serianni Rose M. Morasco Frances S. Sirianni
Carman F. Serianni Frances Morasco Stella Sirianni
Eugene Serrianni Ralph L. Morasco Camelia M. Sirianni

Lucy Morasco

Archie J. Sirianni

Elizabeth S. Morasco
Emily Morasco
Clara T. Morasco

Vincent R. Morasco

Concetta Maria & Francesco (Frank) Dattolo on Right

My great grandmother, Concetta Maria Talarico left Italy after her husband, Giuseppe Sirianni, died in 1914 and sailed for America with with her three daughters Franceschina, Angelina, and Rose. After settling in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, Franceschina married Ralph Serianni, Angelina married William Serianni, and Rose married Nicholas Loggia. Concetta married again to Francesco (Frank) Dattolo in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

The Children of Frances & Ralph

The Children of Angelina & William

The Children of Rose & Nicholas

Philip D. Serianni

Louis J. Serianni

Pauline A. Loggia
Anthony S. Serianni Michael F. Serianni Antoinette Loggia
Mary M. Serianni Eleanor F. Serianni Rita N. Loggia
Louis A. Serianni William Serianni Charles M. Loggia
Ralph Serianni Rose M. Serianni Nicholas W. Loggia
Helen T. Serianni Julia A. Serianni
Francis W. Serianni Josephine K. Serianni
Joseph R. Serianni Delores C. Serianni
Josephine R. Serianni

Angelina & William Serianni
With their sons, Michael (Mickey) standing and Louis (sitting)
Photo Taken: 1920

Photo Taken:Sept 17, 1955
& Ralph Serianni               

Nicholas Loggia & Rose
On Their Wedding Day
Photo Taken: September 7, 1920

Angelina & William Serianni
Photo Taken: June 15, 1968


Angelina with Her Five Daughters

Standing from Left: Rose (Serianni) Gran, Josephine (Serianni) McMahon, Julia (Serianni) McMahon
Sitting: Eleanor (Serianni) Curran, Angelina, Delores (Serianni) Miller


The Children of Frances and Ralph Serianni and Their Spouses

Standing From Left: Leonard Lasek, Frank Serianni, Lou Serianni, Tony Serianni, John Vesci, Phil Serianni
Sitting: Helen (Serianni) Lasek, Delores (Morasco) Serianni, Tina (Lavista) Serianni, Elizabeth (Morasco) Serianni,
Mary (Serianni) Vesci, Josephine (Serianni) Bortolas, Rambert
Front: Joseph R. Serianni


The Children of Frances and Ralph Serianni, their Spouses and Cousins

Back Row From Left: Phil Serianni, Bill Serianni, Nick Loggia, Leonard Lasek
Charles Loggia, Rita (Loggia) Beer,  Nancy (Sheridan) Loggia, Michael 'Mickey' Serianni
Sitting: Frank Serianni, Delores (Morasco) Serianni, Josephine (Serianni) Bortolas, Rambert, 
Helen (Serianni) Lasek, Mary (Serianni) Vesci, Pauline (Loggia) Marvill
Front: Tony Serianni, Tina (Lavista) Serianni, Joseph R. Serianni

Michael (Mickey) completed building this custom home in 1951 for his wife Lucy

They raised 4 children and spent much of their lives here.

8321 Flourtown Avenue, Wyndmoor

Photo Taken:  May 8, 1999




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